How to connect to a IEEE802.1x WIFI using Linux

Esta página está en inglés, porqué puede ser útil en general. Cuando tenga un poquito de tiempo haré una versión en castellano (o a lo mejor puede hacerla alguien de Linux entre Comillas.

This page explain how I managed to connect to the University wireless network, which is a IEEE802.1x network using PEAP and MSCHAPv2 protocols for authentication. I use a RTL8180-based cheap 802.11b PCMCIA card, on a Sony laptop with a recent Mandrakelinux distribution. So, if you have different setups, some command/location of file may change.

Moreover, this explain a quite manual procedure. It can be made more user-friendly for sure, integrating it in the general structure of your distribution. I have no time to hack this part.

Standard disclaimer: this one works for me. I will have no responsibility on the effects that this procedure could have on your hardware, software, time or environment...

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